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August 11th, 2017 by dasgeek

Below is the iphone mount script to go with the latest video I’ve uploaded. Play and enjoy!




1. Install ifuse

2. In terminal $ mkdir ~/iPhone

3. Gedit iphone

4. Paste in script and save

5. in terminal $ chmod 755 iphone

6. in terminal $ ./iphone



dmesg | grep -i iphone


read -p “Is iPhone Connected? (y/n) ” RESP
if [ “$RESP” = “y” ]; then
echo “Glad to hear it”
ifuse ~/iPhone
fusermount -u /home/dasgeek/iPhone
echo “Try plugging it in again”

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July 26th, 2017 by dasgeek

Today I uploaded a behind the scenes view of my battlestation and specifically my PC I loving named ‘The Beast’. There were some unexpected comments on this video relating to some being inspired to switch to Linux after seeing it. One of the goals I’ve had is to show people that Linux is not just for reviving old machine but also for running the most powerful machines. Because the focus of the video wasn’t Linux, I didn’t expect it would inspire individuals to change, however, showing all the powerful audio and video equipment I have running on Linux did just that.

Seeing my videos inspire people to switch is one of the best feelings. I know how exciting it was for me to learn all the powerful features Linux has to offer and of course the community was just overflowing with positivity. The feeling of giving back to the community that has done so much for me is a powerful.

There are so many videos I want to release which I hope will further prove the power of Linux. This week I should be releasing another video on web and graphic design using Manjaro and Ubuntu Budgie that I’m so excited to share. It will also be the first time I officially talk about this website. If you build it they will come…we shall see about that.

On another note, the video itself was viewer requested from Twitter. The request was simple to show all the equipment that I have running on my machine. The problem is how disorganized my setup can be at times. Next to zero wire management and lets just say I had to do some cleaning before I could film. Additionally, it took a lot more time than I expected trying to remember all the various parts I ‘currently’ had in my PC. I upgrade so often I had to get a flashlight to read the model numbers on multiple components. Even the simplest videos seem to take hours to produce. Though looking back on the video itself you wouldn’t think it took more than 5 minutes.

At the end of the day, I really enjoyed sharing that video and happy a user reached out to request it. Some of the best videos I’ve done have been community recommended. So if you have an idea please don’t hold back.


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July 20th, 2017 by dasgeek

I just couldn’t take it anymore. The comments that would pop up on my channel once a month pointing out the same thing I had already explained a dozen times. So I took the chance and made this remaster of Bioshock and Witcher game play. The true story is I recorded this remaster about six different times because of Windows or more accurately OBS in Windows bugs. I thought it would be cool to do this remaster with a side by side comparison with Windows and Linux and not tell anyone which was which. The point ultimately being that both Windows and Linux are great for gaming. The problem was that OBS kept recording grainy looking video for Windows. So it looked completely bias. Additionally, I ran into an issue where VLC kept setting off the chime alarm for a file it had recorded. Some random bug. This was all humorous to me as so many people give Linux a hard time whenever it has a bug and here I am in Windows and I can’t get a single recording to work and I’m constantly getting annoying pop-ups for updating Java, etc. I tried for a good hour playing with various settings in OBS and even using website suggestions etc. It just looked like crap. Prior to me switching to Linux that wasn’t the case but it appears OBS is going downhill on all platforms.

The reality is that I don’t dislike Windows. I even accept the fact that because of their monopoly with DX12 a lot of Linux fans will dual boot just to play a AAA game on Windows. For me it is a ‘no tux, no bucks’ but I get the urge to play some of the latest games. Windows is fine to game on but it is not without its issues. There are entire Steam forums of users asking how to fix various issues in games. Some of them might be hardware while others could be OS or specific program issues but they exist. Linux is also fine to game on. They’re both good to game on. I prefer Linux because I like my privacy and security. I also like the flexibility it gives me as a user. If someone else prefers Windows – more power to them.

I think at the end of the day most people get it. The trolls got to me and so this video was something I just had to do. It didn’t turn out like I wanted but the point hopefully was made. Linux is here to stay and its an all-around amazing platform. Steam, Vulkan, and Feral Interactive are all pushing for multi-platform support and that will only improve gaming as we know it.

However, if I get pushed too much I just might have to release that Windows 10 recording…



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