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February 2nd, 2018 by dasgeek

Building a community around Linux generally means you do most of your content on…well, Linux. Using something like a Chromebook is fine as long as you plan to quickly put something like Crouton on it.

While I love Linux and I think it offers the very best of security, privacy, and innovation but I am not an OS snob. I will go where I can do the most work the fastest. So that means I’m giving ChromeOS a fair shake and it has certainly has surprised me. However, if you pair it with Linux its a game changer (more to come on that). Google is missing a real opportunity here of defaulting to a Linux software store and compatibility. Though ChromeOS is based on Linux kernel and particularly Chromium, it is a reworked version with Google and all the Google advertising, metadata grabbing crap storm overlay on top. Still, its far more powerful than I expected. In fact, I kind of like it. Of course, I don’t like what it might be capturing on me. I mean the functionality of it all is quite good for what it is.

Like my 30 Days of Linux series I plan on seeing just how far I can push ChromeOS before I make this Chromebook a true powerhouse with Ubuntu. So far, things like coding HTML, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, are all perfectly possible on this little device. I’ve already added a Chrome section to my webpage using solely the Chromebook as the coder and SFTP uploader. I get to learn new things and play with new hardware, win, win.

So, what’s next is gaming and creating episodes for Destination Linux and seeing where the limits of ChromeOS truly are. Outside the obvious limitation of something as power hungry as say game development, I think this eco-system is going to surprise you as well with what its capable of.


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October 22nd, 2017 by dasgeek

This week I’ve completed the Ryzen build and having fun with the very powerful, quiet, and inexpensive computer. A few mistakes I made along the way include getting a motherboard that had only 1 PCIe slot because I thought I could use the built in GPU. Apparently, only certain 7th gen processors on AMD support this feature and the Ryzen 3 is not one of them. Now I’m stuck getting some miners external PCIe cards to see if it will allow me to connect the Blackmagic capture card to make this the official streaming machine. Good news is it gave me an excuse to by a nice video card for the machine. The build and of course benchmarks will be on the channel soon.



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October 8th, 2017 by dasgeek

The software section has been updated with more amazing Favorites so go check it out and leave any suggestions you might have in the comments. I also added new categories for backups and music management.

Links at the top have changed to add the Destination Linux podcast information and I’ve combined my Discord with Destination Linux Discord so you only have to hang out in one place to meet some amazing people and talk about Linux.

Hope you’re enjoying the updates.


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August 9th, 2017 by dasgeek

The Antergos & Gnome video went live today and its been very well received. I don’t want another channel that just goes through the technical specifications of a distro or desktop environment. There are plenty of those out there and I have nothing new to offer in that area. What I’m focusing on is the user experience. Is it intuitive? Is it faster? Does it improve my productivity? ┬áDo I have to tweak it for 2 hours before I can use it? Those are some of the questions I want to answer. I don’t use Linux because its a fad. I use Linux because I’m getting a better experience in my workflow and I want to show people why.

Additionally, I’ve continued the trend of gaming on the distros I review. I think with gaming being the biggest hurdle for many who want to switch its an important touch. If a distro hides its proprietary drivers or doesn’t include them during the install then that can be frustrating to someone who isn’t a Linux dev. If Steam is hard to install or not included in their base package manager then that can make a newer user frustrated or more likely to jump back to Windows or Mac. Thankfully there are so many amazing distros where you can get to gaming from the first boot like Antergos, Mint, Ubuntu, and Manjaro.

I had no issues with Antergos and the video flowed flawlessly minus the part where I locked my own screen (oops!). Antergos and Gnome is easy to love and talk about because it has a complete end to end user experience that’s made for productivity. I was immediately able to install this distro and then begin making videos and editing those videos. How cool is that! No registration codes, no drivers that had to be installed first, just pure speed and enjoyment. This is how distros are meant to look. Manjaro was the same experience of just pure productivity.

These distros have a user experience first mentality and that’s why they’re so well received and popularity continues to grow.

The one issue I’ve run into is with the iPhone 7 not mounting in the Files file management system. It did mount in Manjaro (Dolphin). I’ve been able to work around that using Fuse and will upload that work around. It was difficult to find but that’s an experience I hope they focus on fixing (even though its likely more of an Apple problem).


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August 2nd, 2017 by dasgeek

I like to keep my channel upbeat. There is enough negative trolling going around to fill the internet for the next 10,000 years so why add to it. So doing a review on a distribution where likely hundreds of volunteers dedicate their time to make something special and then have some Youtuber dumping all over it is certainly not ideal. Still, as someone who truly loves Linux and the community I think its important to be realistic. The worse thing I could do is just focus on the good and potentially lead someone to installing an OS as their first Linux experience only to be completely turned off by the lack of polish.

SparkyLinux isn’t all bad. In fact, there is a lot of good under the hood. However, you will quickly become distracted by all the parts that just don’t seem well paired together. Perhaps the issue is having too many desktop environment options and that has left them with lots of compatibility but no real customer experience. LXQt felt like I took a time machine back to the 90’s and KDE while gorgeous just didn’t have the same elegance that it shows in Manjaro. Aptus was a really great idea but since the features I wanted to use didn’t work it was again a let down.

I actually cut my teeth on Debian based distros and I think there could be something really great here if the team takes my feedback to heart and adds some much needed user experience shine. If they can pull that off this will be a distro that people will be installing in mass.

Believe me when I tell you that I really wanted to like this distro. I will give it a shot again in the future and I hope they continue making advancements as there is something special hidden beneath the dirt.



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July 24th, 2017 by dasgeek

Would like to invite subscribers of the Das Geek Channel on Youtube to join me on Discord. I’ve setup a channel here “Click”

My hope is this will be a place where you can interact with other fans of the channel as well as myself. The goal is to create a community and share the knowledge to fill our brains!

Please let me know if you have any recommendations on the channel setup or ways to make it more interactive or useful.

If you are interested in being a MOD of the channel please let me know in the comments and I will reach out.

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July 23rd, 2017 by dasgeek

Here are some of the videos I plan to have completed so far. This is an evolving list:

  • SuperTux Game (Viewer Requested)
  • How to switch Desktop Environments
  • Ancestory DNA Results
  • Bludio Headphones
  • Best HTML Editor Linux
  • What To Get Your Geek This Christmas
  • Co-Hosting on Destination Linux Podcast
  • Gaming on Linux Remastered – Completed
  • Viewer Requested: VPN For Beginners – Completed

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