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July 19th, 2017 by dasgeek

One area that I find disturbing is the lack of manufacturer support in the game capture industry for Linux. Elgato who is the biggest name in the industry seems to stubbornly ignore their Linux community and while there are some workarounds to get the HD60 to work they are ridiculously difficult at best (at least for me). There are some devices that are driver free from other manufacturers but in testing a few, they’re overpriced pieces of junk or not made to record your PC’s screen but rather some external device.

While my PC is powerful enough to run OBS in indistinguishable and record in OBS there is the issue with the massive recording files and the larger issue with OBS always being inconsistent with its recording proficiency. It would be nice if Elgato would step up and perhaps they will with enough pressure from the community. It would be even greater if a competitor came out with native support for Linux and provided a solution that is cost friendly. There are few areas where I haven’t been able to find a solution but this one continues to haunt me. Perhaps some of you know of a good choice to try, so far I’m hitting a dead end. Its not a big deal but it is a problem I want to see solved.


Let me know if you know of a good solution for my problem. I would love to get it out to the community.

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