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September 24th, 2017 by dasgeek

While Linux makes distro hopping easy. I like to have a list of my favorite software to use. I’ve added this to the Dasgeek Community website under ‘Favorites’ and will maintain it. Let me know if there is something I should try – it may make it on the future list.

Favorite Linux Software

Graphic Software


  • Synfig: 2D Animation Software
  • GIMP: Graphic design/editing
  • Blender : 3D graphic design
  • Inkscape: Vector editor
  • Vectr : vector art and banners




  • OBS: Screen recording/Streaming
  • GUVCVIEW: Webcam Configuration
  • Audacity: Sound editing
  • Cheese: Webcam viewer
  • Vysor: Phone mirror software

    Virtual Environments

  • Virtualbox: Create virtual machines
  • PlayOnLinux: Wine GUI




  • Calibre : Ebook Converter and Organizer




  • Pithos : Lightweight Pandora player
  • Clementine: local music library organizer




  • Chromium: web browser
  • Gnome Twitch: Twitch stream viewer




  • Brackets : web design
  • Atom : programming editing
  • FileZilla : FTP




  • Libreoffice: Office suite
  • Simplenote: Note taking application saved online




  • Telegram: Instant messenge/group discussion tool
  • Zoom: Conference meeting software




  • Steam: Gaming


USB Creator


  • Etcher: ISO bootable usb creator




  • PIA: VPN service




  • Cairo Dock : Dock Launcher
  • Papirus : icon set



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July 28th, 2017 by dasgeek

Just finished recording the Destination Linux Podcast that will be available this coming Monday. Its so much fun talking with Rocco and we have a special guest this week (I will leave it a surprise) whom always adds fantastic insight and information. As a newer Linux enthusiast its hard at times to feel justified in doing a Podcast about Linux because there are so many things I still don’t know. However, what I try to bring is passion to the subject and an eagerness to learn in the areas I don’t.

One of the things I love most about Linux is the fact there is so much to learn. In an effort to fill my own brain its a journey that has no clear end in sight and that is something that excites me. If I wasn’t learning constantly I would likely get bored pretty fast.

With that said, I’m looking forward to diving into some more gaming on Linux videos here soon. I was informed that Reddit had listed me as a top Linux gaming channel to check out and feeling rather guilty that I have not had a lot of game content as of late. Rest assured, that will change here soon as there are some exciting releases I can’t wait to share with all of you.

I hope you’re all enjoying the new site and look forward to speaking with you on Discord.



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July 18th, 2017 by dasgeek

I’m so excited about launching this new website and hopefully having some of you contribute to making it an amazing place to hang out and socialize with fellow geeks. My Youtube channel has grown faster than I ever imagined and now that we’ve built the community to a substantial enough size I think its time we get to know each other even better. I will be working to keep this blog updated and look forward to your comments and suggestion for improvement.

In addition to this blog you can take advantage of the IRC chat interface on the main page as well as get a preview of upcoming video ideas. Additionally, you can support the channel and upgrade your wardrobe with some serious geek swag by visiting the shop on teespring.

I look forward to interacting with all of you more as this site continues to grow. Thank you for all the love and support and lets work together to Fill Our Brains!

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