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July 18th, 2017 by dasgeek

So this entire site has been built using the power of Linux. Since the 30 Days Of Linux Challenge, I’ve been working to prove there is literally nothing you can’t do on the Linux platform and I see this site as a continued testament to that. So far I’ve been experimenting with several different programs for coding and Brackets has been my absolute favorite. The flexibility of the tool along with the idiot proof suggestions make it flexible and powerful.

In addition to using Brackets, I’ve been using GIMP for the graphics which has worked quite well. I’m by no means an artist and fail horribly at using that portion of my brain but thankfully GIMP has been forgiving and allowed me to create acceptable logos and art.

I still have endless bounds to learn when it comes to HTML and CSS but I’m thrilled that the content is finally coming together. Thanks to CodeAcademy which has helped me to get schooled in HTML 5 in a meaningful way.

There are so many great things coming to the Youtube channel and this site. I look forward to working with some of you to help improve the content and make this a meaningful place to hangout.

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