Antergos & Gnome – Behind The Video

The Antergos & Gnome video went live today and its been very well received. I don’t want another channel that just goes through the technical specifications of a distro or desktop environment. There are plenty of those out there and I have nothing new to offer in that area. What I’m focusing on is the user experience. Is it intuitive? Is it faster? Does it improve my productivity? ┬áDo I have to tweak it for 2 hours before I can use it? Those are some of the questions I want to answer. I don’t use Linux because its a fad. I use Linux because I’m getting a better experience in my workflow and I want to show people why.

Additionally, I’ve continued the trend of gaming on the distros I review. I think with gaming being the biggest hurdle for many who want to switch its an important touch. If a distro hides its proprietary drivers or doesn’t include them during the install then that can be frustrating to someone who isn’t a Linux dev. If Steam is hard to install or not included in their base package manager then that can make a newer user frustrated or more likely to jump back to Windows or Mac. Thankfully there are so many amazing distros where you can get to gaming from the first boot like Antergos, Mint, Ubuntu, and Manjaro.

I had no issues with Antergos and the video flowed flawlessly minus the part where I locked my own screen (oops!). Antergos and Gnome is easy to love and talk about because it has a complete end to end user experience that’s made for productivity. I was immediately able to install this distro and then begin making videos and editing those videos. How cool is that! No registration codes, no drivers that had to be installed first, just pure speed and enjoyment. This is how distros are meant to look. Manjaro was the same experience of just pure productivity.

These distros have a user experience first mentality and that’s why they’re so well received and popularity continues to grow.

The one issue I’ve run into is with the iPhone 7 not mounting in the Files file management system. It did mount in Manjaro (Dolphin). I’ve been able to work around that using Fuse and will upload that work around. It was difficult to find but that’s an experience I hope they focus on fixing (even though its likely more of an Apple problem).


August 9th, 2017 by